Joseph’s Wish for a Golf Cart

Joseph MartinezJoseph is ambitious, happy and friendly. His family has always enjoyed watching drag races, and his parents started taking him to the racetrack when he was just a baby. They all love the thrill of the race, and they have made many friends at the track over the years. Time at the tracks has helped Joseph conquer social anxiety and develop confidence, and it has provided a source of happiness through his many medical challenges.

“Joseph’s favorite hobby is drag racing. He depends on drag racing for confidence and socializing. Racing has also helped him with major surgeries and procedures, so pretty much racing is his security blanket,” his mother Paola shared.

Joseph was referred to Make-A-Wish by Paola. The last few years have been extremely difficult for him due to chronic pain in his hip. He began participating in school from his home, had surgery on his hip and developed anxiety that made daily life difficult. More than anything, Paola wanted to see Joseph’s bright smile again, and she knew a wish could help him get through a difficult season of life. Joseph was so excited when he found out his wish was going to be granted. After talking with his parents and his wish-granters, Joseph wished for an accessible golf cart – one that he could take to the drag racetracks so he could have a better view and navigate the track easily.

Make-A-Wish worked closely with DFW Custom Golf Carts to make Joseph’s wish a reality. The company created a fully-customized red golf cart that Joseph could use with his wheelchair, and they even added Joseph’s personal logo to the front!

On the day his wish was granted, Joseph, his family and his neighbors lined his street as a large trailer pulled up. Soon enough, the doors opened wide, and Joseph couldn’t believe his eyes! Inside the trailer was the perfect golf cart – it was even better than he ever expected or imagined. It had all the bells and whistles he could think of, and he couldn’t believe that this golf cart was created just for him!

Joseph’s family helped direct his wheelchair onto the golf cart, and he had the best time zipping around the neighborhood. He was smiling from ear-to-ear the entire day! He can’t wait to take the golf cart to the tracks and test it out as soon as possible. Drag racetracks are quite large, and in the past, Joseph wasn’t able to get the best views of the all the cars from his wheelchair. The golf cart will allow him to move around the track with ease and see everything from a better angle, enhancing his experience and enjoyment at every race he attends.

Joseph and his family have a goal to visit as many drag racetracks as possible, and this new golf cart will allow Joseph to make the most of every single trip. His wish brought him an incredible amount of joy and excitement about his future!