Jesus’ Happy Horse Wish


Jesus is a smiley, happy child. He loves playing with toys, spending time with his family and being outdoors. Jesus was diagnosed with cancer at a very young age, but he has kept a smile on his face and persevered through every difficult day.

When Jesus found out his wish was going to be granted, he was thrilled! Jesus started dreaming about all the amazing possibilities – and then he thought of the perfect wish: a black pony! He and his family started talking with Jesus’ wish granters about how to make this wish a reality, and the plans began falling into place. Make-A-Wish was so excited to connect with Rockin’ J Performance Horses, LLC, who generously donated Jesus’ horse at no cost to the organization!

On the day Jesus’ wish was granted, he couldn’t stop smiling as he anticipated meeting his new best friend! As the beautiful black horse sauntered out of the trailer, Jesus’ jaw dropped. He confidently approached the horse and started petting its nose. They had an instant bond!

As Jesus got comfortable with the horse, a trainer helped him learn all about horse safety, feeding and more. Then, it was time to saddle up for his first ride! Jesus was on top of the world and giggled with glee as he rode the horse. It was the best day ever!

Jesus absolutely loves his new horse, and on his wish day, his family was excited to share that his cancer is now in remission. Happy trails to Jesus and his new pony!