Lola’s  Dream Room Re-Do

Lola Catron

Lola is a sweet girl with a big personality! She’s smart, funny, giggly and very friendly. The 4-year-old loves being outside, playing games with her family and dancing in the rain. Life with congenital heart disease can be challenging, but Lola shows consistent strength and courage through her surgeries, treatments and appointments.

Lola absolutely adores camping. Last year, her family s purchased an RV with plans to travel full time. The RV allowed them to keep Lola safe and healthy while adventuring to beautiful places across the country. When Lola’s family connected with Make-A-Wish, Lola knew exactly what she wanted – a room re-do for her bedroom in the RV!

Lola and her mom had a vision of what the room would look like. They wanted to make the most of a small space with pops of color, fun textures and lots of cozy details. Make-A-Wish quickly got to work finding all the items for the room to bring Lola’s wish to life.

Then, it was finally time to put it all together and create the room of Lola’s dreams. Once the room was ready, it was time for Lola to experience her new space for the first time. When she opened the door, she squealed with delight. It was the perfect bedroom! The room had a tv, lofted bed, lots of books, stuffed animals and plenty of storage for all her favorite things.

“Make-A-Wish helped us transform this room into her dream Rainbow Mermaid wonderland! She is so proud of her space that she designed, and the Make-A-Wish team brought it to life. She also thinks it’s pretty cool that her home can travel,” her mom Laura shared.

Life on the road comes with challenges—just like Lola’s illness—but now, she has a space to feel safe, comfortable and loved wherever the journey may take her.